28 July 2014

IAJGS 2014: Assembled Jewish Genealogy Bloggers

These bloggers have posted articles thus far regarding their experiences at the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. Check back. I will be updating this list daily on this post.

Emily Garber, The Extra Yad
IAJGS2014: Preconference FHL activity
IAJGS2014: Day 1, Exhibitors
IAJGS2014: Day 2
IAJGS2014: Bloggers' Dinner 
IAJGS2014: Day 3  
IAJGS2014: Day 4
IAJGS2014: Day 5 
IAJGS2014: Day 6
IAJGS2014: Heard in the Hallways 

Kitty Cooper, Kitty Cooper's Blog
IAJGS conference and talking with Greenspan

Lara Diamond, Lara's Family Search
IAJGS2014 Conference - Day 1
IAJGS2014 Confernece - Day 2, Part 1/2
IAJGS2014 Conference - Day 3, Part 1/2
IAJGS2014 Conference - Day 3, Part 2/2
IAJGS2014 Conference - Day 4 
IAJGS2014 Conference - Day 5

Tammy Hepps, Treelines
Margarine Moonshiner Alert!
My Margarine Cousin From Idaho

Deborah Holman, Who We Are...and How We Got This Way
IAJGS Conference - Bloggers Dinner
IAJGS 2014 - Salt Lake City - Sunday and Monday
IAJGS 2014 - Tuesday - July 29
IAJGS 2014 - Wednesday - July 30
IAJGS 2014 - Thursday, July 31
IAJGS 2014 - Friday, August 1 - A Tour of Ancestry.com

David Laskin, article in the Forward [not a blog post, but I think this is an insightful review of the IAJGS conference]
A Report from Jewish Genealogists' Summer Camp

Israel Pickholtz, All My Foreparents
Salt Lake City

Janice Sellers, Ancestral Discoveries
IAJGS Conference Days 1 and 2
More IAJGS Conference - Days 3 and 4 
IAJGS Conference Wrap-up: Days 5 and 6 (only a little delayed)

Janette Silverman, RelativaTree
Salt Lake City research
IAJGS Conference
...it's the little things 
Networking as a viable research tool

James Tanner: Genealogy's Star 
Off to the IAJGS Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah
IAJGS Conference - Day One (for me)
IAJGS Conference - A Short Course in Hebrew
Sharing Genealogy Online with Family Trees 
What are Crypto-Judaic Studies? 
IAJGS Conference: I Couldn’t Put it Down! Series: Flipboard Your Family History
IAJGS Conference: Genealogy Under Fire: Government Actions Impede Access to Records YOU Need
IAJGS Conference: How Did Jews Get to Europe?
IAJGS Conference: Creating a Collaborative Family Website using Treelines.com  
IAJGS Conference: Funeral and Mourning Ceremonies of Our Ancestors
IAJGS Conference: Latest Trends in Publishing for Genealogists
IAJGS Conference: Sephardic Genealogy: Many Resources 
IAJGS Conference: Understanding Our Families, Understanding Ourselves 
IAJGS Conference: Researching Your Canadian Jewish Family from Afar
The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding
IAJGS Conference: Austria, Poland & Ukraine: 3 Countries, 5 Archives & 12 Wonderful Days of Discovery

Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain, Jewish Ancestors?
2014 IAJGS Conference – first few days
IAJGS 2014 report by Leigh, part 2 of 3
Final IAJGS 2014 conference blog, part 3 of 3, by Leigh


  1. Thanks for this great resource. Fun to read what others see in a preso... Sad to read about great ones I missed but can read their papers.

    1. You're welcome, Marianne. And thank you for the comment. I always like the audio recordings. One may listen to them anytime/any place.

  2. Thanks for this wonderful summary. I didn't get to the conference this year so appreciate the chance to catch up.

    1. You're welcome, Susan! And thank you for the comment. Next year in Jerusalem?


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