Jewish Geneabloggers

List of (and links to) known Jewish genealogy blogs. If you are a blogger whose posts include Jewish genealogy and you would like your blog listed here, please contact me at extrayad[at]
[last update - 25 November 2020]

Active Jewish Genealogy Blogs

(going) The Extra Yad - Emily Garber
A Jewish Genealogy Journey - Elizabeth Handler
Afroculinaria - Michael W. Twitty
All My Foreparents - Israel Pickholtz
Ancestral Discoveries - Janice Sellers
Behold Blog - Louis Kessler (technology)
Blood and Frogs - Philip Trauring - Beverly Margolies
Brotmanblog - Amy B. Cohen
The Creola Genealogist - Anna Lima
Czernowitz - Edgar Hauster
Dr.Granma's World - Marianne Handler
Edgar Hauster
EHPES Blog - Edgar Hauster
Freud's Butcher - Edie Jarolim
The Ginger Jewish Genealogist - Banai Feldstein
Goldfoot Genealogy - Nadene Goldfoot
Homestead Hebrews - Tammy Hepps
Jenealogy - Jennifer Alford
Jewish Gem's Genealogy - Marilyn Robinson
The Journey of Steve Jaron - Steve Jaron
Kitchen Sink Genealogy - Jane Neff Rollins 
Kitty Cooper's Blog - Kitty Cooper
The Knowles Collection - W. Todd Knowles
Lara's Jewnealogy - Lara Diamond
Layers of the Onion - Susan Weinberg
Memory Keeper's Notebook - Mary-Jane Roth
Le Blog de Michelle Goldstein - Michelle Goldstein (in French)
Mishpachtoblogia (mostly in Hebrew)

Moritz Research Blog - Michael Moritz 
Paper and Roots Genealogy
PathFinderFamily - Dorie Cohn 
Relativatree - Janette Silverman
Rivka's Yiddish - Rivka Schiller - E. Randol Schoenberg (includes non-genealogy posts, as well) 

Schwartzberg & Mishpocha Blog - Jenny Schwartzberg
Sherlock Investigating - Michal Esterson
Synagogue Scribes - Angela Shire
Tangential Travel and Jewish Life - Eli Rabinowitz
They Were Soldiers: Excursions in Jewish Military History and Jewish Genealogy - Michael G. Moskow
Toladot [The History and Roots - Family Trees] (in Hebrew) 
Transylvanian Dutch - John Newmark

Blogs on hiatus (have not posted in 2017)

a sense of face
All of a Sudden Part Jew - Xiaoming
Cemetery Scribes - G. Law and A. Shire
Chaim Freedman - Chaim Freedman
Effron Family History - Jim Yarin
Eliyahu's Branches - Chaim Freedman
Everything I Know About Hyman Victor - Elliott Malkin
For the Life of Me - Peter Vanlaw
Genealogy Without Brick Walls - Mark and Leslie Jacobson
Israel's Documented Story - Israel State Archive
Jewish Ancestors? - JGSGB
Jewish Graveyard Rabbit
Jewish Vilkaviskis -  Ralph Salinger
Journey to Recite the Kaddish in Uzlyany - Douglas Fox
Kahn Family Genealogy
Little Oak: Roots and Branches - Heather Dubnick
Maduro Family Branches - Sita Levy Likuski
Morris David Rosenbaum (Moses David) - Todd Knowles
Museum of Family History - Steven Lasky
Past-Present-Future - Smadar Belkind Gerson
Provenance - Judy Wilkenfeld
Relative Roots - Elise Friedman
Round2it Genealogy - Jeanette R. Rosenberg
Ruby Family History (Family History Machine); earlier posts here -  Dan Ruby
The Accidental Anarchist - Bryna Kranzler
The Life and Travels of W. Todd Knowles - W. Todd Knowles
Who We Are and How We Got This Way - Deborah Holman

Bloggers who announced they are no longer posting  

One may still read old posts via these links.
An English Jewish Family's Quest for Their Roots
JewishGen Blog
Tracing the Tribe - Schelly Talalay Dardashti 


  1. Lara Diamond's blog is now called "Lara's Jewnealogy," although the URL ( has not changed. You might also want to add Marilyn Robinson's "Jewish Gem's Genealogy: Mining for Your Elusive Ancestors" ( and "Rivka's Yiddish" ( to your blogroll.

  2. Thanks for the reminder about Lara's blog (changed it). Marilyn's is already on there. I will take a look at Rivka's for inclusion. Thank you!

  3. Emily - I don't update as often as I should but if you want you can include me -

  4. My blog, DrGranma's World, tells stories about my family but there are other parts as well. It would be wonderful if you have time to take a look and decided if it fits in the list.
    Marianne Handler

  5. Thank you for this great list. And including me as well!!

    1. You are welcome! Always glad to list quality blogs.

  6. Please add:
    Michael Snyder


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