17 July 2014

Join a JGS and go Live!

Now is a good time to acquire an extra perk with your Jewish genealogical society membership. The International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies is offering a 10 percent discount to member societies on Live!: 60* live-steamed and recorded sessions from the up-coming 2014 IAJGS conference in Salt Lake City. So far, more than 20 member societies are offering the discount to their members. My society, the Phoenix Jewish Genealogy Group (a part of the Arizona Jewish Historical Society), is offering the discount. Is yours?

IAJGS Live! is terrific opportunity to continue your learning in Jewish genealogy without the expense of traveling to Salt Lake City for this year's conference (watch a promo here). Sixty presentations, including the keynote address by David Laskin will be live-streamed and video recorded. Live! attendees may ask questions during the streamed sessions via Twitter. Speaker handouts may be downloaded.

Through Live! one may purchase the opportunity to watch 60 presentations on your computer via the Internet as they are delivered at the Salt Lake City conference and/or watch them later (or again) when it's more convenient. Recordings will be available for replay for 90 days after the conference (until Monday, 3 November 2014, I think).

Those attending the conference may purchase IAJGS Live! for an additional $99. There is no further discount on that price. The price for those not attending the conference is $149. With the JGS discount, however, one may acquire access for $134. Each member society has a different discount code. If your society has not yet shared the code with its membership, contact them and ask for it. If they are not offering it, ask them to do so, or find one that is.
* FYI: my presentation, "Beyond the Manifest: Methods for Confirming One's Ancestral Origins," to be delivered Tuesday, 29 July 2014 at 10:30 A.M., was not selected to be among the 60. I'm (mostly) over being miffed about that. There will be plenty of good presentations on Live! To hear me you will either have to be in the room at the conference or, better still, invite me to speak to your group later this coming year. In the past, the conference has also sold audio recordings of all the sessions. I hope they will be doing so this year, but I do not see indications of that on the current conference webpage.

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