27 July 2014

IAJGS2014: Preconference FHL activity

The International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies conference started this morning in Salt Lake City, Utah. I look forward to reconnecting with past conference attendees and networking with those whose knowledge and skills I may tap for help in my own research. On Tuesday morning at 10:30 a.m. (room Canyons C), I will deliver "Beyond the Manifest: Methods for Confirming One's Ancestral Origins." 

I arrived in town late Thursday afternoon and spent all day Friday and most of Saturday at the Family History Library. I have a small, but high priority list of items to acquire. First up was some Jewish vital records recorded in register books for Czernowitz (Chernauti, Ukraine). These records from the Austrian province of Bukovina are in the process of being indexed and may be searched online at http://microtarget.com/czernowitz/CzernowitzBMDindex.htm

While I do not have definite "sightings" of relatives (on my mother's side of the family) in Czernowitz, my Liebross and Wenkert families lived nearby. Thus, I was pleased to find more than twenty indexed records for those names in the database. At the Family History Library I managed to located all but about two. The records often identify the person's mother and father, their parents and the towns in which they lived or were registered. As I expected, some of the Wenkerts recorded in Czernowitz had family registered in Zaleszczyki - the community most associated with my Wenkert family and, likely, my Liebross family.

Else Wenkert birth record, Chernivtsy State Archives, Fond 1245, Opis 15, Delo 25, page 63, record 13; Family History Library microfilm 2395781(2).
These two images of a record documenting the 3 January 1914 Czernowitz birth of Else Wenkert, for example, show her father as Eisig Wenkert, son of Ester Malke Wenkert of Zaleszczyki, and Jutte Wenkert, daughter of Aron and Marjem Fliesler of Zaleszczyki.

I do not know how or if Else or her parents or grandparents are related to my Wenkerts, but these types of records may ultimately be the key to help me push my Wenkert family back a generation or two.

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