03 April 2014

Treasure Chest Thursday: Jack Garber & Dora Morris marriage Certificate

My paternal grandfather and grandmother were first cousins from the same community (Labun/Lubin) in the Russian Empire. Dora Morris and her family emigrated to the USA in 1910 with her mother and siblings, more than four years after her father's voyage.[1] Her cousin, Jankel (Jacob or Jack Garber) arrived in New York in 1912.[2] He became a glazier like his uncle Isidor Morris and married Isidor's eldest daughter Dora on 12 August 1916.

New York County, New York, Certificate and Record of Marriage no. 19923 (12 August 1916), Jacob Garber and Dora Morris, New York City Municipal Archives, New York.

Items shown in red text are items I will be discussing further below.

[1st page]
Groom: Jacob Garber
Residence: 171 E. 101st St
Age: 21
Color: White
Single, Widowed or Divorced: Single
Occupation: Glazier
Birthplace: Russia
Father's Name: Abraham
Mother's Maiden Name: Anna Matziwitzka
Number of Groom's Marriage: First

Bride: Dora Morris
Residence: 243 E. 105 St.
Age: 19
Color: White
Single, Widowed or Divorced: Single
Maiden Name, if a Widow: [blank]
Birthplace: Russia
Father's Name: Isidor
Mother's Maiden Name: Sarah Myas
Number of Bride's Marriage: First
I hearby certify that the above-named groom and bride were joined in marriage by me, in accordance with the laws of the State of New York, at 210 E. 104th St, in the borough of Man., City of New York, this 12 of Aug, 1914.

Signature of person performing the ceremony:  
                              /s/ S. Ohlrauch
Official Station: 49 Clinton St.
Residence: 49 Clinton St.

Witness to the Marriage: Samuel Schwartz
                                              H. Thomashefsky

[2nd page]
WE hereby certify that we are the Groom and Bride named in this Certificate, and that the information given therein is correct, to the best of our knowledge and belief.
                              /s/Jacob Garber Groom
                              /s/Dora Morris Bride  

Signed in the presence of  /s/S. Ohlrauch
and 49 Clinton St.

At the time of their marriage, Jacob was living with his brother, Max, and sister-in-law, Mary, at 171 E. 101st Street, New York, New York.[4]  

The ending on the mother's maiden name (Maziwitzka) is the female form of the surname. Anna's brother, Isidore Morris' original last name had been Mazevitsky (МАЦЕВИЦЬКИ). 

Dora's mother's maiden name was Myers, originally Malzmann (МАЛЬЦМАН).

S. Ohlrauch is the same person who married Jack's brother, Max Garber, to Mary Morgenstein a couple of years earlier. The signature on this form looks like S. Ohlrauch. I still have not been able to locate any other records for a rabbi with that name. 

It's difficult to prove with no address, but Sam Schwartz, one of the witnesses to the marriage, may have been a fellow countryman from Lubin and a glazier (there are several glaziers named Sam Schwartz from Lubin). Thomashefsky is a famous name from the Yiddish theater. However, I am not sure that this person was a member (or at least a close member) of that family. I have only looked at an indexed record (bad form, I know) on ItalianGen.org, but there was a Harry Thomashefsky (born about 1886) who married a woman named Jenny Morgenstern in 1909 (Manhattan marriage certificate 4869, 2 March 1909). Morgenstein was Max Garber's wife maiden name. So, it's possible that this H. Thomashefsky was Mary's brother-in-law. I'd have to order the Thomashefsky marriage certificate to develop some better clues on that.

1. "New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957," digital images, Ancestry.com (http://www.ancestry.com: accessed 11 January 2012), manifest, Vaderland, Antwerp to New York, arriving 7 June 1910, p. 1, Sure Morris; citing National Archives Microfilm Serial T715, roll 1494. 
2. "New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957," digital images, Ancestry.com
 (http://www.ancestry.com: accessed 7 February 2009), manifest, Birma, Libau to New York, arriving 3 September 1912, p. 26 (handwritten), line 8, Jankel Arber; citing National Archives Microfilm Serial T715, Roll 1926.
3. 1915 New York States Census, New York County, New York, population schedule,  Enumeration District 12, Assembly District 24, sheet 19, number 4, Max Garber; digital image, Ancestry.com (http://www.ancestry.com : accessed 11 August 2012), New York State Archives: Albany, New York.


  1. Hello: My mother's grandfather was named Shaya Ohlrauch and he lived on the lower east side at that time. Perhaps he was the S. Ohlrach.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Jay. So you have any address for your great grandfather at that time?


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