04 February 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Annette Garber

Photo by author, 29 September 2012
Here lies
Chana bat Mordechai
May her soul be bound in everlasting life
May 26, 1921
Oct. 19, 1996

I did not know Annette Garber well, but she holds a fond spot in my heart: it was she who introduced my parents. She set up a blind date; they went bowling; my mother bested my father in the game; my father, apparently, found that fetching; the rest is history.[1]

Annette was the third child and third daughter of Max and Mary Garber (my great uncle and aunt) and my father's first cousin. She was born in New York, New York.

She graduated from James Madison High School (likely) in Brooklyn and then completed a bachelors degree in accounting from Brooklyn College. She lived and worked her entire adult life in Manhattan.[2]

I am not sure how Annette knew my mother, Norma Wilson. While they were the same age, they, I believe, attended different high schools (my mother went to Abraham Lincoln High School) and colleges (my mother went to NYU). This is a mystery I hope to solve someday.

Annette Garber never married. She was devoted to her mother Mary and visited her often in Brooklyn to stay for Shabbos. She often took her nieces (younger sister Joan's children) to Manhattan for special outings, plays, movies, and shopping. 

Annette's grave is located in the First Lubiner Progressive benevolent Association plot in Montefiore Cemetery: Block 89, Gate 156N, Line 10L, Grave 2.

1. For information on their courtship, see the series of letters starting with "When Bernie met Norma: Courtship Letters."
2. I am indebted to Ruth Goldman Silver for recollections about her Aunt Annette.

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