27 February 2014

Treasure Chest Thursday: Morris Family 1915 New York State Census

New York State enumerated the Isidore and Sarah Morris family almost exactly five years after Sarah and the children arrived in the United States. [1] [2] The family lived at 243 East 105th Street in Manhattan, about mid-way between the East River and Central Park (I've checked Google Street View and I believe the building has been replaced.)

243 E. 105th Street, Ny, NY (Google Maps)
When Sarah and the children arrived in June 1910, they went to Isidore who was already living at 243 E. 105th Street. Isidore likely had his glass shop on the ground floor of the building. 

In my experience, it is very unusual for a family during this time period to live at the same location for so many years. In fact, I estimate, based on addresses reported in directories and children's marriage records that the Morrises either lived or maintained their glass store at this location (or next door at 239-41 East 105th Street) at least into 1930.

In this 1915 record, the eldest two daughters, 19 year old Dora (my grandmother) and sixteen year old Jennie (also called Jean or Jeannette) had jobs in the garment industry. A year later, Dora married her first cousin, Jack Garber. [3] The younger siblings, Max, Murray (recorded as "Morrins") and Esther, attended school.

One more child was born to Sarah before the next Census enumeration in 1920: Saul Morris on 7 June 1917.

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3. New York County, New York, Certificate and Record of Marriage no. 19923 (12 August 1916), Jacob Garber and Dora Morris, New York City Municipal Archives, New York.

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