20 February 2014

Treasure Chest Thursday: Wilson and Garber Photo

Left to right: Joe Wilson, Bernard Garber, Lee Urbass Wilson, Ira Wilson, Norma Wilson Garber, Tillie Liebross Wilson
I supposed if several of us in our family put our heads together we might be able to hazard a guess where the family was when this photograph was taken. There were just a handful of favorite fancy restaurants in my family. Regardless, I love this picture.

Everyone looks so comfortable, relaxed and happy. My grandmother, with her auburn hair, is as I remember her (she died when I was only 7). Joe (we always called my grandfather just "Joe") is the same, as well. He was a doting and generous grandfather and my only grandparent with whom I really had the opportunity to grow up. He died when I was 22. And my parents and my aunt and uncle look stunningly young. So much more life to be lived!

The photo was likely taken in the late 1940s. My grandmother Tillie is wearing a large corsage; so somehow she was being honored. Joe and Tillie were married on 31 May 1917, so this would be too early to be a 50th anniversary celebration. Perhaps it was a birthday bash? Although I have no idea when her birthday actually was or when/if it was celebrated.


  1. My patents had a group photo taken that was similar to this. At the bottom was printed Copa Cabana. Probably the only way to identify the place would be by the railing behind them, ornate and probably not duplicated.

  2. I agree. I tried searching for images of Lundy's (one of their favorites) in Brooklyn, but could not find many interior shots.


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