14 January 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Mary Morgenstein Garber

Photo by author, 7 September 2008
Here Lies
Miriam bat Melech
DIED DEC. 28, 1973
According to her husband Max Garber's naturalization papers, Mary Morgenstein Garber was born 15 March 1882 in the Austria-Hungarian Empire. [1] Her obituary published in the hometown newspaper of her daughter, Mildred Garber Palmer, indicates that she died at age 81. [2] If the birth date in the naturalization and the obituary are to be believed, then Mary's tombstone is incorrect. [3]  

Mary was the daughter of Max Morgenstein and Rose Rosenblatt and emigrated to the United States in about 1901. [4]

She and Max Garber (my grandfather Jack's brother) married in Manhattan on 11 June 1914. [5] Her age on the marriage certificate (22) is consistent with birth in March 1892.

Mary and Max purchased a home in Brooklyn in the early 1920s and by the 1925 New York State Census are living at 1948 East 12th Street, next door to Jack and Dora Garber and their family (at 1950 E. 12th Street). [6] [7]

Mary and Max had five daughters: Ruth Garber Levine (17 August 1915 - 13 November 1996), Mildred (Minnie) Garber Palmer (12 June 1917 - 22 July 2007), Annette Garber (26 May 1921 - 19 October 1996), Harriet Garber (2 August 1927 - 5 October 1929), and Joan Garber Goldman (1931 -  ).

Mary's grave is located in one of the First Lubiner Progressive Benevolent Association plots at Montefiore Cemetery, Queens, New York: Block 5, Gate 567W, Line 4L, Grave 3.

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The manifest indicates that Mary was born in "Beginon, Poland," but I have been unable to determine the actual (accurate and contemporary) name for the community.
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3. I have not ordered Mary's Social Security application form (SS-5) or her death certificate from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygeine. Those two documents might shed some light on this issue as well as possibly provide more information the town where she was born. 
4. I have been unable to locate her manifest and while it does not appear that she naturalized by the 1940 Census, I have thus far, been unable to find her in an alien registration index.
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