07 February 2013

When Bernie (Sonny) met Norma: Courtship Letters, 11

When my father died in 2002 and my mother began her precipitous decline (dying eight months later) my brother and I began the arduous task of cleaning out the house. In my mother's dresser drawer I found a packet of twelve envelopes containing letters my father had sent her during their courtship. The letters are sweet and humorous, completely reminiscent of my father's personality. They are a wonderful chronicle of the beginning of their enduring love-affair.
In honor of what would be my parents 66th anniversary on February 9th, I will be posting a letter each day along with an annotated transcription adding additional insights and explication.

August 25, 1945

My Dear Norma,

    Yours of Aug. 23 received and it was a morale booster. Glad to hear from you, keed.

    I never thought you were impetuous but you certainly did not waste time with that job of yours. It must be wonderful to be independent. You certainly must have had a falling out with that other boss of yours, to take on so. However, it was a good idea to be sure of a prospective recommendation from your other boss.

   I received a letter from "Pap" the other day and he is fine. [1] He asked for you. He is still a member of the liesure [sic] class. He is looking around in a half interested manner. It seems that he is expecting another mustering out check soon and wants to take it easy. I can't see his attitude at all but he was always that way. Perhaps, his attitude of letting things take care of themselves is a good thing.

    I have been fine, as usual, and going about my appointed duties. Last night I went to the early show and spent a boring few hours. Jimmy Stewart in an ancient picture called "Johnny Steps Forward." [2] I like Jimmy Stewart but the plot was so thin and so exaggerated in typical Hollywood style that I was sorry I went. They had a dance afterwards and I sent the remainder of the evening there. This morning I reported for work as usual but we had two hours off for lunch. We were promised a big V-J day spread and it finally came.  We had a turkey diner with all the fixings plus free beer. I ate my fill.

    In every letter I mention something about a discharge but things seem to be getting closer and closer every day. This afternoon they posted the first list and others will follow daily. I expect to come out sometime next week. I have an idea that I will be home within two weeks. Something can happen but I doubt it at this point.

    From the sound of your letter and your closing "lackadaiscally" I imagine you are leading a wild life. Rough isn't it. How about our old friend Mishofsky hasn't he been around, lately. He ought to be interesting company as he is quite a character.

    That about brings me up to the present so I will close with



1. I have not been able to track Sonny's friend, Pap, and determine his full name.
2. This must have been a completely forgettable Jimmy Stewart film: I have not found anything about it on the Internet. It is not listed in lists of his films. If anyone has a clue, please let me know.

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