21 February 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday: The Liebross Family Circle

For many years the Liebross and Ett families held Family Circle meetings in Brooklyn, New York. The following article was found in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle of Wednesday, 22 June 1938. [1]


     The Louis and Bertha Liebross Family Circle, 31 Colin Place, will hold a strawberry festival in the Galleon Grill Room of the Half Moon Hotel this evening.[2]

     The chairman of the committee is Mrs. Tillie Wilson, who is being assisted by Mrs. Sarah Cohn, Mrs. Bessie Ett, J.J. Liebross and Miss Cele Liebross.

     The president of the organization is Mrs. Sarah Cohn; vice president, Irving Liebross; treasurer, Jack Wilson, and recording secretary, Max Rappaport.
The Family Circle was essentially a social organization for cousins who were descendants of two sisters: Bertha Wenkert Liebross and Perl Wenkert Ett.

Tillie Wilson was Louis and Bertha Liebross' eldest daughter. "Jack" Wilson was actually Joe Wilson, Tillie's husband. J.J. Liebross (Jerry), "Cele" (Celia) and Irving were also Louis the Bertha's children.

Sarah Cohn was the daughter of Perl Ett. Mrs. Bessie Ett was married to Perl's son David Ett. Max Rappaport was of the younger generation. He was the grandson of Perl Ett and the son of Perl's daughter, Chaitza (also known as Clara) and Chaim (aka Adolph) Rappaport.

1. The Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York), Wednesday, 22 June 1938, page 9, column 8; digital images, Old Fulton, New York Postcards (http://www.fultonhistory.com: accessed 18 March 2010).
2. The half Moon Hotel was a 14 story building that opened at Coney Island in 1927.One may read about it in the Ephemeral New York blog and in this article from the New York Times.


  1. Mom maternal grandfather had a "cousin club" too, the Levene club. I wish I had been taken. No knowledge of Myers or Waxenberg clubs.


  2. I don't think there were any on my father's side of the family, either.


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