07 February 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday: Perl Wenkert Ett Death Record

The record I'm posting today is pretty special to me because it was the first family history record I ever acquired from an archives in Europe in support of my genealogy work and was also the record that helped me confirm my Liebross family's relationship to their cousins with the surnames Ett, Leiner, Cohn, Rappaport and Barath. 

Record 47 (the third row down) documents the death of my great grandmother Bertha Wenkert Liebross' sister, Perl Wenkert Ett in Skole, Galicia Province, Austr0-Hungarian Empire (today, Ukraine) in 1895. Perl was the mother of David Ett, Sprinza (Sophie) Ett Leiner, Sarah Ett Cohn, Chaitza (Clara) Ett Rappaport, Jute Ett Barath, and Gittl (married name unknown).

Death Record for Perl Wenkart Ett, 17 August 1895, Jewish Metrical Books, Town of Skole Deaths 1889-1895, Stanislawow Wojewodztwa, Fond 300, Year 1895, Akta 47, Sygnatura 1871, Archiwum Giowne Akt Dawnych (Central Archives of Historical Records), Warsaw, Poland.

Perl Wenkert Ett's death is recorded on line 47 (third one from the top). Page two continues the record on the same third line down. The record is in German Gothic script and was acquired from the AGAD (Archiwum Giowne Akt Dawnych/Central Archives of Historical Records) in Warsaw, Poland. I was fortunate to be able to get it translated by an expert (who's name, I'm afraid, I know not) at the 2010 International Association of Jewish genealogical Societies conference in Los Angeles, California.

Translation of the first page:

Column Heading
Record Number
Date of Recording, Page of entry, & Name of Examiner
Skole, 18 August 1895, Dr. Michalski [?] in Skole
Hour of Death
[no entry]
Day of Death
Month of Death
Year of Death
Day of Burial
Month of Burial
Year of Burial
Place of Burial
Name & Surname of Deceased, Marital Status, Occupation, & Town of residence
Perl Ett from Zaleszczyki, wife of Hersch Leib Ett.  Daughter of the couple Israel Hersch and Reisel Wenkart from Zaleszczyki.
Town of Residence
Skole [town center?]
House Number
[no entry]
Translation of second page:

Column Heading
Age: Years
Age: Months
Cause of Death
[unable to translate]
[no entry]

This is a wonderful genealogical find. It is important to note that while Perl had been living in Skole (a new bit of information for my research), she and her parents were registered with the authorities in Zaleszczyki, Galicia Province and, therefore, were identified as citizens of that town. I do not know why she and her husband Hersch Leib Ett were living in Skole which is about 240 kilometers (almost 150 miles) west-north-west of Zaleszczyki. Some of her older children were born in Ustechko, a town just 16 kilometers (10 miles) northwest of Zaleszczyki.

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