08 August 2016

IAJGS 2016 Conference Blogger Compendium

Aw right! (I feel like I am back after a looong sleep!) This spot will be a list of links to blog posts about this year's conference. Check back daily as new posts are added. Here's what we have thus far:

Emily Garber - The Extra Yad

"Welcome to IAJGS 2016. Let's get started! - Day 1 (Sunday)"
"IAJGS 2016, Day 2
"IAJGS 2016, Day 3
"IAJGS 2016, Day 4
"IAJGS 2016, Day 5
"Serendipity? Nah! Google."
"IAJGS 2016, Day 6"

Lara Diamond - Lara's Jewnealogy

"IAJGS2016, Day 1"
"IAJGS2016, Day 2"
"IAJGS2016, Day 3"
"IAJGS2016, Day 4"
"IAJGS2016, Day 5"

Janice M. Sellers - Ancestral Discoveries

"IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy 2016 — Already Halfway Done!"
"IAJGS 2016 - Conference Wrap-up and Looking Ahead"

Jane Neff Rollins - Kitchen Sink Genealogy

"Hello From Seattle — IAJGS 2016
"IAJGS 2016 - the bad-ass genealogist" 
"IAJGS 2016 - Learn Just Enough Russian for Genealogy - Redux"

Judy Russell - The Legal Genealogist 

"Serendipity in action


Banai Feldstein - The Ginger Jewish Genealogist 

"IAJGS 2016 Wrap-Up"

Israel Pickholtz - All My Foreparents

"A Month Abroad: Part One - IBERIA"
"A Month Abroad: Part Three - Seattle"

Mary-Jane Roth - MemoryKeeper's Notebook

"IAJGS 2016 - Seattle"

Susan Weinberg - Layers of the Onion

"Telling Our Stories
"Using Our Whole Self"


  1. My name is Ed Osdoba. Live in Seattle. Family came to NYC from the Pale, Poland-Russia-Lithuania, 1913. Mostly chasid in Crown Heights. Name is also spelled Ozdoby, Osdovy, Ozdobi etc. Is a polish word. Anyone at the conference ever here of such a name? Nu?

  2. I suggest, if you have not done so already, add your family names to JewishGen's Family Finder. You should also consider posting a message on the IAJGS 2016 Discussion Group.

  3. I purchased conference streaming...how do I access the conference?

    1. If you are having issues accessing LIVE!, contact live@iajgs2016.org


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