27 March 2014

Treasure Chest Thursday: Clara Ett and Chaim (Adolph) Rappaport Marriage Certificate

This is the earliest marriage certificate I've located thus far in my family: 1903. Clara Ett was my grandmother Tillie Liebross Wilson's first cousin. I had no idea she went by the name Clara until I started this research. We always referred to her with her Yiddish name: Khaitza.

City of New York
State of New York 
No. of Certificate: 11947
I hereby certify, that Chajem Rapeport and Klara Ett were joined in Marriage by me in accordance with the laws of the State of New York, in the Borough of ______ City of New York, this 14 day of June 1903.
Signature of person performing the ceremony, Raw Joseph Sussman 

Witnesses to the Marriage, Beny Finkelman
                                         Fischel Nusbaum

Date of Marriage. New York 14 June 1903
Groom's Full Name. Chajem Rapeport
Residence. 212 Grame Aw Brooklyn
Age. 26
Color. White
Single or Widowed. First
Birthplace. Galizie
Father's Name. Chiel Mechl Rapeport
Mother's Maiden Name. Chaje Silberbusch
Number of Groom's Marriage. One
Bride's Full Name. Klara Ett
Residence. 212 Grame Aw Brooklyn
Age. 20
Color. White
Single or Widowed. First
Maiden Name, if a Widow. [blank]
Birthplace. Galizie
Father's Name. Hersch Leib Ett
Mother's Maiden Name. Perl Wenkert
Number of Bride's Marriage. One
Name of Person Performing Ceremony. Joseph Sussman
Official Station. First Zborowerk u Fercin [?]
Residence. 245 Monroe St City
Date of Record. [blank]

It is likely that the correct street address for Klara and Chajem was 212 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn, but I have no other records with this address that might provide confirmation. Nor do I have any earlier records in the United States for this couple. 

I believe they probably knew each other from Skole, Galicia, Austrian Empire. Chaim's Decaration of Intention to naturalize (a process I do not believe he completed) indicates that he was born in Skole and resided there prior to emigration.[1] Clara lived there with her family at least in 1894, when her sister, Jutte, was born, and in 1895 when her mother Perl passed away.

I have not been successful, thus far in tracing Joseph Sussman, the officient or his congregation. I actually do not believe I've transcribed his congregation correctly. If anyone has a better notion, let me know.
1. Kings County, New York, Supreme Court, Declaration of Intention no. 34426, volume 26, page 426, Adolph Rappaport, 24 October 1913 ; digital images, Jewish Data (http://www.jewisdata.com : accessed 16 August 1913). Subscription access only.

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