19 March 2014

American Jewish history featured by the NEHGS

The Weekly Genealogist, the free electronic newsletter from the New England Historic and Genealogical Society, has announced an occasional series featuring Chapters in American Jewish History, a series of essays edited by Michael Feldberg, Ph.D., Executive Director of the American Jewish Historical Society from 1991 to 2004. The NEHGS became a partner of AJHS in 2013 and houses AJHS's New England Archive.

The first essay featured (which links to the AJHS, New England Archive website) is Chapter 1: "Hank Greenberg: Baseball’s First Jewish Superstar." You may view all the published essays here.

Access the essays via a link delivered to your inbox weekly in the Weekly Genealogist, or access then directly via the AJHS New England Archives page ("Chapters in American Jewish History").

I am not a paying New England Historic and Genealogical Society member, but I have signed up on their site as a guest user to be able to use their free resources  - and the newsletter is one of them. Sign up for the Weekly Genealogist newsletter here.

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