21 November 2013

ObamaCare: Steve Morse Steps Out

Some genealogy sites have cross-over appeal. That is, non-genealogists may find them of interest. Steve Morse's One-Step website, is chock-full of genealogical interesting applications that have simplified searches for many of us. Now, he has added one that should simplify searches for those seeking new plans under ObamaCare: "Viewing ObamaCare-Compliant Health Plans in One Step." Right now it is located tenth from the bottom of the One-Step homepage, under "ObamaCare." It covers all fifty states.

The application prompts one to enter state, county, age,  preferred level of coverage, and whether one uses tobacco products. A spreadsheet of available plans is presented. Here, as an example, are Gold-level plans for Maricopa County, Arizona.

Once one enters the number of people in one's household, the program presents the monetary limit for qualifying for federal subsidy.

Steve Morse has built this tool with the aid of several sources of information, including: the Affordable Care Act website, eHealthInsurance, and ratings from Consumer Reports

Perhaps with all the time people will save selecting healthcare plans via this new Steve Morse One-Step tool, they will spend the rest of their time exploring his site and starting genealogy research!


  1. Steve Morse is brilliant! I got to hear him speak at the IAJGS conference this summer and not only does he have one of the BEST websites, but he is a great speaker too. I saw reference to this page of his a couple of weeks ago and I see he has enhanced it since then.


    1. Yes, indeed! More great work from an engaging speaker. Thanks for your comment, Elizabeth.

  2. Please help me spread the word about Morse's site. Contact thausner@gmail.com


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