03 September 2013

Tombstone Tuesday: Edward and Esther Garber

Here lies
Aharon son of Avraham
MAY 10, 1903
OCTOBER 22, 1973
Here lies
Ester daughter of Avraham
APRIL 24, 2906
JULY 10, 1992

Edward Garber, my grandfather Jack's younger brother, was the youngest child and fourth son of Avraham Aba Garber and Chana Mazewitsky Garber. Eddie and his sister Fannie (Feiga)[1], who was two years older, were the last Garber children to emigrate to the United States. Edward (or Aron, at the time) was born in Labun, Russian Empire (today, Yurovshchina, Ukraine) possibly on 10 May 1903.

Aron and Feiga left Antwerp on the S.S. Lapland on on 23 March 1922 and arrived in New York Harbor on 2 April 1922. They traveled Second Class.[2] Second Class and First Class passengers were processed for immigration aboard ship and set ashore at one of the docks in New York Harbor. They did not set foot on Ellis Island.[3]

Aron became a glazier like his brother Jack, his uncle Isidore Morris and several of his cousins. On 15 June 1927, he married Esther Haber.[4] She had emigrated to New York only about a year before Aron.[5]

Eddie and Esther had two children: Alvin (1928 -  ) and Annette (1938 -  ).

Esther Eddie Garber's graves are located in one of the First Lubiner Progressive Benevolent Association plots at Montefiore Cemetery, Queens, New York: Block 5, Gate 567W, Line 3R, Graves 1 and 2.
1. I do not yet have a photograph of Feiga Garber Buchman's tombstone. I understand that she and her husband Max Buchman are buried in Mt. Moriah Cemetery in Fairview, New Jersey. Feiga said her birthday was 9 January 1901. She passed away on 17 August 1989 in Florida.

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