22 September 2013

Gen Podcasts: Hungarian and Colonial American Jewish Genealogy on the For-Get-Me-Not Hour

A while back (1 March 2013) I profiled the Blog Talk Radio show/podcast The For-Get-Me-Not Hour with Jane E. Wilcox and identified episodes with content likely of interest to Jewish genealogists. This past week (18 September 2013) the show featured Hungarian Jewish genealogy. And on 16 October 2013, it will cover Colonial American period Jewish history and genealogy.

New Episodes of Interest to Jewish Genealogists

Hungarian Jewish Genealogy with Andras Koltai - 19 September 2013
Andras Koltai, a native Hungarian of Jewish descent, has been researching Hungarian Jewish genealogy since 2002. Koltai, a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and a featured researcher on British and Australian versions of Who Do You Think You Are?, discusses Jewish Hungarian history, including adoption of surnames in Hungary and available records.  His website is called Hungarian Jewish Roots

In my previous review of Jane's program I noted spotty tech work. In the last few months the program has cleaned up its recording substantially. Unfortunately, the connection from Hungary in this episode fades in and out. I listened to it on my iPod while walking the dog. Considering the sound issue, I would advise listening either in front of one's computer or while sitting with one's iPod so the sound may be adjusted while listening. 
Jews in the New World with David Kleiman - 16 October 2013 (live, 9:00 p.m. Eastern)
The Touro Synagogue in Newport, Rhode Island, is celebrating its 250th anniversary. David Kleiman, historian and Touro Synagogue board member will discuss Jewish history in Colonial America. He will cover migration, social history and resources for research.He will also discuss plans for the Touro Synagogue anniversary celebration.

David was on the show earlier this year (13 March 2013) when he discussed "Pre-Civil War New York Jews."  

  • via Blog Talk Radio - 9:00 P.M. (Eastern time) on the dates mentioned, above.
  • via iTunes: One may download individual episodes or subscribe to the show from free on iTunes.  The most recent show is usually available immediately after the live show airs. If you subscribe, new episodes will automatically be delivered to your iTunes podcast folder. The shows may be listened to via you computer or uploaded on an iPod.


  1. Emily, Thanks for letting your readers know about the programs. I loved the interview with Andras--learned so much about a group of people I knew little about. Jane

    1. You're welcome, Jane. Keep up the good work!


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