09 June 2013

Torskie, 9 June 2013

Today was busy and productive. We left Kolomyya about 9 in the morning with plans to visit two small villages of significance for my Wenkert research: Torskie and Ustechko. I told Svetlana that I would be interested in visiting Tovste if we had enough time to do so. We went to Tovste. I'm pretty tired right now, so I'm going to mostly post a few photos from Torskie and call it a night.

At least two of the Ett siblings, David Ett and Sprinze (Sophie) were born in Torskie, a small town north of Zaleszczyki. The village never had much Jewish population and there are no Jewish people living there now. There is only one standing Jewish home.

We were fortunate to meet Mikola Deikalo and this wife Maria Ivanivna. Mikola is a history teacher and the town historian - he's written two books about village history based, somewhat, on his work in the Lviv archives. The photo below shows Mikola and Maria's neighbor, Maria, me and Mikalo.

Mikola told us that in 1900 there were only about 61 Jewish people in Torskie. Maria only recalled about 10 before World War II. She mentioned the following first names: Shlomko, Chanina, Bartko, Shaye, Ruchla, Mortko and Feibush. Feibush owned a pub near the east side entrance to the town. Ruchla, Shaye's daughter was the only Jewish person shot during the German occupation. The rest were sent to the ghetto in Tovste. 

Two more Torskie photos. Old homes.


  1. Felix KryzanowskiJune 23, 2013 at 8:04 PM

    I visited Torskie in July 2012. This is where my father Mykola (Nick)Krzyzanowski was born. I would very much like to correspond with you about this area of Ukraine. I have many photos of Torskie and Ustechko.

    Especially I would like to read more of the history of Torskie that might be available from you or from Mikola Deikalo. Do you have his telephone number, or better, email address?

    My email address is kryzanowskisk@yahoo.ca

    Felix Kryzanowski

    1. Felix,
      Thank you for your comment. Mikalo does not have an email address. I don not know if he has a telephone. I was told that if I address an envelope to his name in Torskie, he will get the letter.

    2. Hello Emily,
      I came across this site with your pictures of Torskie. I have been searching off and on for years for anything about my grandparents family history in Ukraine. The pictures are wonderful. My family name from there is Handziuk & Slobodian. I was wondering - Do you have any more photos or information available online or suggestions? And also, do you know if town historian, Mikola Deikalo, speaks or reads English. I would like to send a letter to him, not sure of address. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
      Pat Borelli

    3. Pat:
      I will search through my photos and see what else I may have from Torskie. Mikola does not speak English. Our guide Alex Dunai translated. I was told that Torskie is such a small town that if you address a letter to Mikola Deikalo (you might transliterate that into Cyrillic) in Torksie, it will be delivered to him.


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