03 June 2013

Lviv arrival, 3 June 2013

The ten hour difference between Ukraine and home means that, for a least a day or so, our meals and sleep patterns will be a bit kerflooey. We left Arizona at about 8:30 AM on 2 June and arrived in Lviv at about noon on 3 June. (I am blogging from my iPad for the first time using the Blogger app. So, I cannot guarantee page formatting.)

Our all-in-one guide, translator, genealogist, historian, Alex Dunai, met us at the airport, deposited us in our hotel and then took us on a walking tour of Lviv.

Before we'd gone very far, we were caught in a rain storm and ducked into the Veronica Restaurant for some soup.

 I ordered the borscht with dumplings, which was outstanding.

By the time we were finished so was the rain and we made our way around the center of Lviv, taking in some historical buildings and a portion of the Jewish quarter. 

Alex leading the way in the Jewish quarter.

The Rose Synagogue was destroyed during World War II. Only a couple of walls remain.

Tomorrow we take a day-trip to Yaremche and the Carpathian Mountains.


  1. Following your genealogy adventures with great interest! Thanks for blogging in Ukraine, with photos too...

    1. Thank you, Marian, for both reading and commenting.

  2. So excited for you Emily! My paternal grandfather was from Lviv, so I'll be living vicariously through your trip! I hope to follow in your footsteps one day! Enjoy!


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