07 May 2015

Treasure Chest Thursday: FLPBA members, 25th anniversary publication (part 2)

There were 72 members of the First Lubiner Progressive Benevolent Association listed in the 25th anniversary (1936) publication celebrating the group's founding. Last week I posted the entire membership page, showing all three columns of members. This week I will identify the members in the second (middle) column. I have identified those buried in one of the three FLPBA burial plots: Montefiore plots at gates 156N [M-156N] or 567W [M-567W] and Beth Moses [Beth].
  • S. Kurman - Sam Kurman [Beth]
  • H. Kargman - Harry Kargman
  • L. Kargman - Louis Kargman
  • S. Koploff
  • F. Lerner - Frank Lerner [M-156N]
  • J. Lerner - Jack Lerner [Beth]
  • D. Lerman - David Lerman [Beth]
  • Ph. Lipshitz - Philip Lipshitz [M-156N]
  • S. Lerner - Shia Lerner
  • H. Maltman - Herman Molthman
  • R. Minkowitz - Reuben Minkowitz [M-156N]
  • B. Mutnick - Benjamin Mutnick [M-156N]
  • S. Mutnick - Samuel Mutnik [M-156N]
  • A. Morgenstein - Abraham Morgenstern [Beth]
  • S. Newman - Samuel Neuman [M-156N]

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