19 November 2013

Tombstone Tuesday: Sophie and Charles Leiner

Used with permission: JewishData.com, digital image 
(http://www.jewishdata.com :  accessed 16 August 2013), 
gravestone for Charles and Sophie Leiner,  U-10-15-4 and U-10-15-6, 
Mount Lebanon Cemetery, Queens, New York.
Here lies
Shoel son of Hanoch
Died 14 Cheshvan 5710
DIED NOV. 6, 1949
Here lies
Sprinze daughter of Hersch Leib
Died 14 Cheshvan 5710
Died Nov. 6, 1949

Sophie Ett Leiner and her husband Charles Leiner died on the same day in 1949. I provided a newspaper article about their deaths in yesterday's post.

Sophie was the fifth child (fourth daughter) of Perl Wenkert and Hersch Leib Ett to live to adulthood. She was likely born in 1893. Charles, born in New York City, was the son of Henry and Lottie Leiner (who are also interred in the same plot at Mount Lebanon Cemetery). I have not yet located his birth certificate.

The Leiners are buried in the Brooklyn First, Inc. plot in Mount Lebanon Cemetery in Queens, New York. Charles is in grave U-10-15-4 and Sophie is in U-10-15-6.

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