06 November 2013

ESM in the NYT!*

For those of us who read widely in genealogy methodology there is no greater name than Elizabeth Shown Mills (fondly known, even to those who've never been formally introduced to her, as ESM). There are two ESM websites of interest here and here. Last week in their "Booming" section, the New York Times announced that ESM would answer questions starting the following Wednesday.

That announcement was greeted in the online responses section by 94 messages from people hopeful of being selected for ESM treatment. In today's ESM response (part 1), she answers 5 questions regarding:
  1. Starting our genealogical journey
  2. Genetic genealogy
  3. Coping with  mass of genetic matches
  4. Online trees
  5. Preserving our information at online subscription sites
Booming is an existing NYT section for Baby Boomers that one may access directly at nytimes.com/booming or subscribe to using RSS feed. So as not to miss a saintly ESM word, click on the RSS feed button at the end of the article. In my case, since I use Feedly to aggregate my blog subscriptions, it gave me the immediate option of subscribing via Feedly.  Done!
* Thank you to Saul Issroff who alerted us to this NYT series via his message in the JewishGen Discussion Group.

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