18 June 2013

Zhitomyr Archive, 18 June 2013

Today, we visited the Zhitomyr Archive. The archive is now only open three days each week. The archives staff was very helpful and retrieved the books for us in record time. They delivered everything they could locate on Labun. Unfortunately we did not find a great deal of information on Jewish people.

Alex checked two sources that Miriam Weiner lists on the Routes to Roots website: the  1865 Census for Labun (Fond 118, O14, S 79) and the 1816 Census for Polonne (F 118, O 14, S 118). The second volume contained only Christians, no Jewish people. The first contained only four jewish families from Labun:
    Durfinkel (or Garfinkel), Feivel son of Schmuel
    Lubarsky, Pesach son of Itzko (wife listed but name not readable)
    Brodetsky, Michel son of Berko
    Bernshteyn, Srul Lipovich

We also checked Fond 118, O 14, S 14, 113, 114, 116, and 317. They contained Labun records but only those for Christians.

There are a few additional record sets mentioned by Miriam Weiner's website. These will have to be checked after I return to the States.

After the archive we headed to Kiev where we will end our trip with several days of tourism.


  1. I've loved following your trip, Emily! I'm thinking of doing something similar next summer so was living somewhat vicariously through you.

    1. Lara:
      I'm so glad you've been enjoying my posts. Good luck on your planning.


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