29 July 2019

IAJGS 2019 Cleveland Blogger Compendium

Each year at the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies conference I create a post to collect blogged content relating to the week. Readers, please check back daily for updates on what happened, what you attended and what you may have missed.

Bloggers, please send me a link to your first post on the conference and I will include you on the list. I will, as needed, continue to update this compendium for a week or so after the conference.

Banai Feldstein  - The Ginger Jewish Genealogist
"IAJGS 2019, Part 1"
"IAJGS 2019, Part 2"
Emily Garber - The Extra Yad
"Jewish geeography at IAJGS, Cleveland: Bellmore, Vassar, Zaleszczyki and Belle Harbor"

Lina Goldberg - The Cuckoo Tree
"IAJGS2019: JRI Poland and Congress Poland Records"
"IAJGS Cleveland highlights"

Barbara Zabitz -Adventures of a Jewish Genealogist
 "IAJGS 2019

Johannes Reiss - Koschere Melange (the blog of the Austrian Jewish Museum) - [click on the British flag at the top of the page to read in English]
"Lessons learned...from the Austrian Jewish Museum and Cemetery Project in Eisenstadt, Burgenland"
"Help! I can not Hebrew...but I need Hebrew sources for my genealogy research"

Jeanette Rosenberg -  Round2it Genealogy
"The #Not@Conference #IAJGS2019 Conference Blog Post"

Mary-Jane Roth - MemoryKeepers Notebook
"IAJGS2019, Cleveland, OH

Janice Sellers - Ancestral Discoveries
"IAJGS International Conference on Jewush Genealogy in Cleveland, Ohio"
"IAJGS Cleveland: Tuesday and Wednesday
"IAJGS Cleveland: Wrapping Up and Heading Home"

Michael Snyder - Clay in My Boots 
"IAJGS - 30-Jul-2019"
"IAJGS - Volynia Dinner
"Kremenets BOF at IAJGS"


  1. Johannes Reiss made his talks into blogs also.



    You can click on ENglish at the very top to read them in English.

    1. Thank you, Randy. I will add them to the list.

    2. Here's the English version of the first one


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