24 July 2017

IAJGS 2017 Conference Blogger Compendium

We have been in Orlando, Florida for a few days at the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies conferencing. Here are the bloggers who have posted thus far. Please check back daily. I will be updating the list as new blogs are posted.

Lara Diamond - Lara's Jewnealogy
"IAJGS2017 Coming up!"  
"IAJGS2017, Day 1
"IAJGS Conference, Days 2-3"

Janice Sellers - Ancestral Discoveries
"IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy in Florida (in July!)"
"IAJGS Conference, Days 3 and 4
"IAJGS Conference, Days 5 and 6 and Going Home"

Marian B. Wood - Climbing My Family Tree
"IAJGS Day 1: From Railways to DNA
"IAJGS Day 2: Research Tricks and Preservation Tips
"IAJGS Day 3: Blogging Breakfast and Much More"
"IAJGS Day 4: Litvak, More Litvak, and Search Tips
"IAJGS Day 5: Resources and Queries"

Emily H. Garber - The Extra Yad
"IAJGS 2017, Days 1 and 2: busy, busy, busy!"
"IAJGS 2017, Day 3 (Tuesday, 25 July)"
"IAJGS 2017, Day 4 (Wednesday, 26 July)
"IAJGS 2017, Days 5 and 6 (Thursday and Friday, 27-28 July)" 

Banai Feldstein - The Ginger Jewish Genealogist
"IAJGS 2017

Louis Kessler - Behold Blog
"DMT Version 1.5.1 and IAJGS and DMT Workshop"
"The IAJGS Conference 2017

Dick Eastman - Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter
"IAJGS Conference in Orlando is a Success"

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