28 February 2017

Tombstone Tuesday: David and Rose Cohen, Beth Moses Cemetery, Pinelawn, New York

Last Tuesday I posted about five year old Irving Cohen. This week we discuss his parents. 
Here lies
David son of Israel haCohan
DIED MARCH 25, 1972
Here lies
Rivka daughter of Meier
AUG. 7, 1982 - AGE 86 YEARS

Owing to their common names, finding and confirming records for David and Rose has not been easy. In addition, as I have been trying to get this post ready for publication, the Amazon Cloud outage seems to have affected a couple of websites I would have liked to search further: FamilySearch and Italian Genealogy Group. So, consider this work in progress.

While I have located Master Death Index (Social Security) records for both David and Rose, New York State laws will not permit me access to their actual death certificates (I am not related, and they died less than 50 years ago). Their Master Death Index records indicate that, for both of them, their last residences were in Brooklyn.[1]

Based on information from the 1930 census, David arrived in the United States in about 1911 and Rose about 1913.[2] Neither of them had completed naturalization or even applied by April 1930

In 1930, the family lived at 457 Georgia Avenue in Brooklyn. David was a buyer for a clothing firm. They had a daughter Anna, age 8, and their son Irving, age 4-1/2. It appears that David and Rose married in about 1921. I not yet located a marriage or 1925 New York State census record. There is a possible marriage record indexed on FamilySearch, but there are inconsistencies in expected information. I will have to order a copy of the record.

I have, thus far, not found naturalization records nor manifests for either David or Rose. As a result, I am not sure which if either of these two were associated with the community of Labun, the home community for the First Lubiner Progressive Benevolent Association burial plot.

I believe that I have located the family in the 1940 census enumeration at 282 South 3rd Street in Brooklyn.[3] If this record is for the correct family, then David was a junk dealer in business for himself. David's and Rose's daughter Anne, then 18, still lived with them. Irving had died in 1931. The couple had two children after the 1930 census: Melvin (8 years old in April, 1940) and Ruth (5). The census enumerator did not record whether David or Rose had become citizens.

Melvin Cohen's application/claim for Social Security indicated his mother's name was Rebecca (consistent with the Hebrew name on her gravestone) Kachman.[4] Without seeing a copy of his application (SS-5), it is difficult to know if this is an alternative rendering of his mother's maiden name or a an indexing error. Melvin is buried in the same plot in Beth Moses cemetery.

David and Rose's daughter Anna may have been the Anna Cohen who married Lawrence Roblenski. The Roblenskis later changed their surname to Robbins.[5] They are also interred in the Beth Moses plot.

There are two Israel Cohens in the First Lubiner Progressive Benevolent Association plots in Montefiore Cemetery. David is probably the son of one of them, but I am not able to make a definitive statement yet.

David and Rose are located in the First Lubiner Progressive Benevolent Association plot in Beth Moses Cemetery, Pinelawn, New York, block 24, Maccabee Road. 

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