18 June 2015

Treasure Chest Thursday: Shidlover Young Men's Association, FLPBA anniversary publication

A variety of business associates and friends paid for advertisements in both the 25th anniversary (1936) and 1949 publications for the First Lubiner Progressive Benevolent Association. In this case, another landsmanshaft organization purchased an ad.

Greetings from the
Shidlover Young Men's Society
Officers 1949

Philip Fleisher                          President
Mrs. Flora Kohn                        Vice-President
Irving Wohl                               Financial Secetary
Shabse Osulke                          Recording Secretary
David Cholewa                         Treasurer

The Shidlover Young Men's Society was likely the landsmanshaft for immigrants from Szydłów (Shidlova in Yiddish), Poland. That community was in the Kielce District (before World War I, Russian Empire; between the wars, Poland). There is a similarly named community in Lithuania: Šiluva (Shidleve in Yiddish). However, checking the surnames on this 1949 list of officers against names of current researchers on JewishGen, leads me to believe that
Szydłów is more likely. Two of the surnames listed (Osulke and Cholewa) are also found among Szydłów researchers and not among those studying Šiluva.

I have not located anyone of the name Cholewa nor Osulke in the 1940 census enumeration for New York City.

Szydłów was not located any where near Lubin, Volhynia Gunbernia. It may be that this group placed an ad based upon friendships developed in New York after immigration.

According to the "WPA Yiddish Writer's Group Study" conducted in 1938, the Shidlover Young Men's Society was started in 1916 in New York City.

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