05 March 2015

Treasure Chest Thursday: "Stone House," Perrineville ad, FLPBA 25th anniversary publication

More than two years ago I wrote about my great grandfather, Isidore Morris and great grandmother, Sarah Myers Morris, and their Perrineville, New Jersey home documented in the 1940 census. They had left New York City in 1933 and purchased a house with some acreage (their "farm") in Perrineville, New Jersey.[1] What I had not realized until I saw this advertisement in the First Lubiner Progressive Benevolent Association's twenty-fifth anniversary publication was that they had developed a country summer "resort" called "Stone House" and rented rooms and a bungalow.

Isidore and Sarah sold the property in 1945 and moved back to the City.[2] Isidore's health had deteriorated, undoubtedly due to his years working as a glazier. He passed away in 1947.[3]

1. Monmouth County, New Jersey, Deed Book 1639, page 94, George Moskowitz to Isidore Morris, 25 October 1933.
2. Monmouth County, New Jersey, Deed Book 2003, page 27, Isidore and Sarah Morris to Joseph and Esther Horowitz, 14 May 1945.
3. Bronx County, New York, Certificate of Death no. 12512 (22 December 1947), Isadore Morris, New York City Municipal Archives, New York.

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