10 June 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Fanny Liebross

I know next to nothing about Fanny Liebross. I did not even know she existed until I had visited the Workmen's Circle plot at Mount Lebanon Cemetery in Queens, New York. And I have been unable to locate any other records about her thus far.
Here lies
Feiga daughter of David


DIED MAR. 4, 1949
Apparently memory of her suffered due to the man with whom she associated, her husband Max Liebross. Max was the black sheep of the Liebross family and I doubt that Max and Fanny, his second wife, were invited to many family gatherings.

I have not located any marriage record for Fanny and Max and I have not found Max in the 1940 Census or 1940 New York City directories. One record I likely could acquire would be Fanny's death certificate - if she died in New York City. Her death certificate would likely confirm that Max was her husband and perhaps provide some information about her parents' names and her original surname. 

Since the 1949 certificates are still held by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygeine (as opposed to the Municipal Archives), there is no online index and the certificates are not as easily acquired as those at the Archives. I will check Family History Library microfilm to see if Fanny's certificate has been indexed in New York City.

Fanny Liebross is buried in Mount Lebanon Cemetery, Glendale, Queens, New York in the Workmen's Circle plot Section 2, Line 7, Grave 7. 


  1. Max was my grandfather. His son was my father. When I was a child no one gave me a straight answer. The subject was changed quickly. I learned his name after I started to research my relatives. Max lost his first child Rose when she was 15 years old. I feel sorry for any parent who suffers this loss. I imagine the Liebross family waivered back and forth about Max, and maybe they buried his second wife with the other Liebrosses because of his previous loss. Max left my father at age 6 and Dad hated him his whold life, thus the lack of contact or information. Diana Liebross Steinman

  2. Diana:
    Max must have been plagued by some demons. To live with the loss of love that turned to hate must have been very difficult on your father. The Liebross family, too, was very close-mouthed about Max. There's much we may never know.

    1. Yes, the past has been buried. Did you know Tudy Liebross lived until age 94 like my father. I have not contacted Trudy's son Jeffrey again, I think his social work, is based on letting go of the past. He and his wife provide therapy for those who have been abuese , or suffer from tramatic experiences. They also live on a house boat, just more trivia...Diana


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