22 May 2014

Treasure Chest Thursday: Dave Ett & Bessie Hasner Marriage Certificate

Family lore says that my grandparents introduced my grandmother Tillie's first cousin, Dave Ett, to his future wife, Bessie Hasner. Unfortunately, I have not been able to determine how they knew her.

Kings County, New York, Certificate and Record of Marriage no. 10398 (31 August 1919), David Ett and Bessie Hassner [Hasner], Municipal Archives, New York.

 [1st page]

Groom: David Ett
Residence: 949 E. 12 St. Bklyn
Age: 29
Color: White
Single, Widowed or Divorced: Single
Occupation: Fur Merchant
Birthplace: Austria
Father's Name: Harry
Mother's Maiden Name: Pauline
Number of Groom's Marriage: first

Bride: Bessie Hassner
Residence: 13 Summer Av
Age: 24
Color: White
Single, Widowed or Divorced: Single
Maiden Name, if a Widow: ---
Birthplace: Austria
Father's Name: Samuel
Mother's Maiden Name: Clara
Number of Bride's Marriage: first

I hearby certify that the above-named groom and bride were joined in marriage by me, in accordance with the laws of the State of New York, at 949 E. 12 St. Brooklyn, in the borough of Kings, City of New York, this 31st of August 1919.

Signature of person performing the ceremony:
                              Rabbi T. Hager
Official Station: 293 E. 3 St.
Residence: 93 E. 3 St.

Witnesses to the Marriage:
Joseph Wilson

                                        Wolf Liebman

[2nd page]
WE hereby certify that we are the Groom and Bride named in this Certificate, and that the information given therein is correct, to the best of our knowledge and belief.
                              /s/David Ett Groom
                              /s/Bessie Hasner Bride  

Signed in the presence of  /s/Joseph Wilson
and /s/Wolf Liebman

David Ett Anglicized his parents names: neither of his parents had ever been to the United States. His father was Hersch Lieb Ett and his mother Perl Wenkert Ett

The witnesses to this marriage certificate are its most interesting aspects. My grandfather, Joe Wilson, was one witness and Wolf Liebman was the other. I have not been able to find Wolf Liebman elsewhere in New York City records, but I definitely want to. Sally, a relative of mine (and Dave Ett's niece) born in Zaleszczyki, has told me that the family had relatives in the old country whose surname was Liebman. She is not clear on their relationship to her family. Nor is she sure if they were related to her grandmother's (Perl Wenkert Ett) or grandfather's (Hersch Lieb Ett) side of the family. 

I have seen several individuals with the Liebman surname in old records from Ustechko and Zaleszczyki. And recently, I have been in touch with someone who has Liebman relatives from Ustechko, one of the Ett's ancestral villages. So, Wolf Liebman will continue to be a person of interest.


  1. Could Wolf have gone by another name? I have a Wolf in my husband's tree who also is found in records as William.

  2. Elizabeth: Good point. Of course, I also have found another Wolf who adopted the name Robert (go figure!).


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