31 January 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday: Simon Liebross 1892 NY Census

Thought I'd start blogging on Thursdays regarding records I have in my digital files.

First up is the earliest incidence I have of a relative appearing in a census in the United States: the 1892 New York State Census record for my great great uncle Simon Liebross. Enumerated on 16 February 1892.

1892 New York State Census, Kings County, New York, City of Brooklyn, Enumeration District (ED) 14, Ward 16, sheet 19, 26 Moore Street, Simon Librose and Addie Librose; digital image, Ancestry.com (http://www.ancestry.com : accessed 8 July 2010). 
Simon Liebross and his wife Ethel appear at the lower left portion of the image, above. Liebross is rendered "Librose" and Ethel's first name is listed as "Addie." It's possible that she was called Ettie (a common nickname for Ethel) and the census enumerator heard "Addie."

Name: Simon Librose
Male or Female: Male
Age: 34
In what country born: Germany
Citizen or alien: Alien 
Occupation: Laborer 

Name: Addie Librose
Male or Female: Female
Age: 30
In what country born: Germany
Citizen or alien: [no entry] 
Occupation: [no entry]

While Simon and Addie probably spoke some German, they were never of German nationality. When they had emigrated 2 years earlier, their village Krasnoilsk was in the Austrian Empire.

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