06 July 2015

IAJGS 2015 Blogger Compendium

The following bloggers have been posting about the 2015 International Jewish Genealogical Societies conference in Jerusalem.* Please check back daily as new posts are added to the list.

Emily Garber

IAJGS 2015, Jerusalem: Day 1 
IAJGS 2015, Jerusalem: Day 2
IAJGS 2015, Jerusalem: Day 3
IAJGS 2015, Jerusalem: JNS.org News Article
IAJGS 2015, Jerusalem: Day 4
IAJGS 2015, Jerusalem: Day 5
IAJGS 2015, Jerusalem: Pre-Conference Day at Yad Vashem

Dick Eastman

On the Road Again, This Time to Israel
A Report from the IAJGS2015 Conference in Jerusalem 
The IAJGS2015 Conference in Jerusalem was a Great Success


Banai Feldstein

Israel 2015 - Day 0
Israel 2015 - Day 1
Israel 2015 - Day 2
Israel 2015 - Day 3
Israel 2015 - Day 4  
Israel 2015 - Day 5 
Israel 2015 - Day 6 - IAJGS Day 1
Israel 2015 - Day 7 - IAJGS Day 2 
Israel 2015 - Day 8 - IAJGS Day 3
Israel 2015 - Day 9-10 - IAJGS Day 4-5 

Mark Nicholls 

This Year in Jerusalem Part 1  
This Year in Jerusalem Part 2
This Year in Jerusalem Part 3
This Year in Jerusalem Part 4
This Year in Jerusalem - The Final Curtain

Janette Silverman

Review and Refresh 

Philip Trauring 

Typical name distribution? A preview of my lecture on Monday 
Some thoughts on day one of #IAJGS2015 
What DPI should I scan my photos, and in what format do I save them?
* Please note: I provide this list as a service to the Jewish genealogy community. This is my personal blog and it is not affiliated with nor does it represent the IAJGS. In presenting this list, I am not commenting on the content of any of the posts included. 

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