09 June 2015

Tombstone Tuesday: Philip and Sima Simon, Montefiore Cemetery, Queens, NY

Some of these "Tombstone Tuesday" posts regarding the townspeople of Labun buried in the First Lubiner Progressive Benevolent Association plots in New York, are much more complicated than I anticipated. 
  • Translate the tombstone text. Check!
  • Load up the photo. Check!
  • Locate a few census records. Check! 
  • Document children, occupation, parents. Check!
Done! - - - Oh! No so fast! 

I am finding relationships among these people that are becoming complex and crying for further analysis. This analysis would take longer than the time I have for preparing this particular post. So, forewarning: there is (always) more to be learned and I will leave you with nuggets of information for further research on this family.

Here lies
Shraga Feivish son of Abraham
Died 24 Sivan 5681
May his soul be bound in the bonds of the living
My beloved
and dear Father
Philip Simon
Died June 30, 1921
Age 70 Years

Philip, like so many of his Labun friends and relatives became a glazier in New York City. I have yet to locate him in any census. I have likely found him as F. Simon (F for Feivish, his Yiddish first name) in a 1920 city directory. 

Ordinarily I would check with in the 1920 census via the Unified ED Finder in Steve Morse's One-Step website. This would allow me to find the enumeration district (ED) for F. Simon's 1920 address (1586 or 1556 1st Avenue, NYC) and then page through the ED to locate that address and see if a family named Simon was living there. The Steve Morse site has, unfortunately, been offline for a few days and, now that it is back online, is not quite operating correctly. So this research will be delayed.

Philip appears to have been born in 1851 and emigrated to the United States about 1903.[1] His parents were Abram Simon and Anna Brown. Both parents' names, as reported on his death certificate, are likely anglicized. I have not located his manifest nor any naturalization record. [Updated, 31 July 2017, Philip (Feiwus Schames) arrived with his niece Rochel Schames on the S.S. Grosser Kurkurst in February 1909.*]

For some reason I did not locate and photograph Philip's wife, Sima's, stone in Montefiore. Actually, it's stranger than that. Neither Philip nor Sima are located in Montefiore Cemetery's online locator. Yet, I've have located Philip's grave in the FLPBA plot and Sima's death certificate indicates she is also buried in Montefiore Cemetery.[2]

According to her death certificate, Sima was born in Russia to Abraham Auerbach and his wife Anna (surname unknown) in April 1860 and died in Queens, NY on 31 May 1933.

Philip and Sima Simon had at least two children: Israel (sometimes called Isadore and Issie) and Rose. Israel married Yetta Waksenberg. Rose married Max Shechter. Both couples are also buried in the Montefiore FLPBA plots.

The Fanny and Samuel Schwartz, Issie and Yetta Simon, Max and Rose Shechter, and Abraham and Rose Klein families may all be related. In the 1925 New York State census, Sam and Fanny, Max and Rose, and Abe and Rose lived in adjacent homes.[3] In the 1930 census, Issie Simon's family lived next door to his sister Rose Shechter's.[4] In the 1940 census, Fanny Schwartz, a widow, lived with her children next door to the Shechters and the Simons.[5] They were all supported by occupation as glaziers and all, except Abraham and Rose Klein, were buried in the Montefiore FLPBA plots.

Philip's grave is in block 89, gate 156N in the FLPBA plot at Montefiore Cemetery, Queens, NY. 

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