05 June 2015

SCGS Jamboree, 2015: Day 1 (5 June 2015)

I am finding that I seem to be gravitating to other genealogy bloggers and podcasters. I find them like a metal detector finds the gold ring.

Last night I took dinner by myself across the street from the hotel at a Greek restaurant. There were two women eating together at the next table and one of them looked familiar to me. I asked if she had been at RootsTech earlier this year and then was reintroduced to Bernice Bennett of the Research at the National Archives and Beyond podcast. She and I had met in February on the train back to the airport after RootsTech and had a nice conversation. I am a fan of her podcast.

Her dinner companion was Angela Walton Raji, also a podcaster and blogger. We had a nice conversation about the advantages of broadening one's perspective from the narrow focus of one's own ancestors to learn the methods and techniques of other ethnic researchers as they address their research challenges.

The concierge lounge was crowded for breakfast this morning and Janette and I asked one diner if we might join her at her table. We were introduced to Jill Morelli who writes a blog to which I subscribe via Feedly: "Genealogy Certification: My Personal Journal." Jill and I wound up have dinner together and then having dessert at the concierge lounge. Among other things, we discussed BCG certification and blogging.

I've also seen and visited with Lisa Alzo, Randy Seaver (who has put together a compendium of posts by bloggers at Jamboree), Thomas MacEntee (thank you for the beads and the Geneabloggers ribbon), and Jane Neff Rollins.

These are the sort of opportunities and interactions that make conferencing so worthwhile.

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