11 February 2015

FGS conference, Day 1 - social life

This afternoon I ran into several Jewish genealogists at the conference. We planned to meet after 5 pm when some of them were setting up the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies' booth for tomorrow's opening of the Expo Hall.

photo courtesy of M. Humphrey
Unfortunately, Barbara Hershey from Portland and Garri Regev from Israel had to work this evening on program planning for the 2015 IAJGS conference and did not join us for dinner. Here they are (at left) with their matching purple and black outfits - perhaps something to do with team group-think. ;-)

I had a fun and satisfying dinner with Marlis Humphrey (Florida), Banai Feldstein (Utah), Mark Nicholls (United Kingdom) and Ken Bravo (Ohio).

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