21 January 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Mildred and Paul Palmer


JUNE 12, 1917-JULY 22, 2007

APRIL 8, 1911-APRIL 12, 2007


Mildred "Minnie" Garber Palmer was the second child and second daughter of Max and Mary Garber (my great aunt and uncle). She was born in New York, New York. 

Minnie graduated from James Madison High School in Brooklyn.

Paul Palmer was an engineering graduate from Ohio University. Due to the Depression, jobs were hard to come by and Max Garber hired Paul to work in Max's dairy business. Paul and Minnie met, fell in love and married on 19 June 1938. [1]

Shortly after their marriage, Paul and Minnie moved upstate to Auburn, New York where Paul and his childhood friend and partner Sol Pinchuk opened a branch of Strauss Stores. Strauss Stores was a hardware/auto supply concern.

Paul and Minnie had four children: Michael, Carol (1 May 1944-December 2011), Frances and Nancy (1951-1979).

Minnie was active in Auburn in the PTA and in the Sisterhood of B'nai Israel Congregation. Paul was an avid golfer.

In 1972 they retired to Florida.

Paul and Mildred Palmer are buried at Menorah Gardens and Funeral Chapels in Southwest Ranches, Florida. [2]

1. I am indebted to Mike Palmer for much of this information about his parents.
2. Special thanks to Menorah Gardens and Funeral Chapels for providing the photograph (17 January 2014).

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