01 January 2013

Extra Yad First Anniversary!

Writing my first post last January 2nd for this genealogy blog wasn't difficult. What was challenging was clicking the orange Publish button. It took me several reads and re-reads before I mustered the courage to put my thoughts out on the web.

I was concerned that I would run out of ideas for posts. And while I wanted to post weekly, I wasn't sure I'd be able to do that. Those turned out to be unwarranted concerns: I published 48 blog posts and have another seven in draft. So, not quite weekly, but pretty close.

My only regret has been that I've been a tad sporadic. I had a couple of long silences. The most recent one being from about mid-November to today (!).

I've found that some of my researched posts take a long time to prepare. One of the problems of doing complex research posts is that doing the research and citing sources takes time. However, I feel that citing my sources is important and I will continue to do so. What I really like about preparing the citations for my posts is that I am forced to prepare a properly formatted citation (a la Evidence Explained). After that, my source is forever formatted and I can find it and use it as is. So, in essence, my blog posts also become nicely tuned research logs.

My plan for the future is to create some shorter posts based on records in my possession that will be easy to complete and publish while I'm working on more complex family history issues. I will then be able to link back to these records when they support a particular post.

I do expect to have much more time to blog this year - although I'm not making any promises to myself (or others). I have just retired after 30+ years of work and I am now ready to devote more time to my other interests. Time will tell how this all plays out . . . but I figure I will be less sporadic in posting and easily publish weekly, maybe more.

Thank you for indulging my passion and reading my blog posts. I like to see that posts are read and I love to receive comments!

Do you have any suggestions about family history posts/genealogy themes you would like to see addressed on this blog? Leave me a message. Thanks so much!


  1. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations on your retirement, although I am quite sure you will not be retiring. I totally know that hesitation with hitting publish, but it does get easier. At some point you just figure you've made yourself so public already that it doesn't matter.

  3. Congratulations, Emily! Enjoy your retirement and your continuing genealogy quest.

  4. Happy Blogiversary. I can relate to much of what you write - I often find it takes longer to prepare certain posts than I think it will take, and I like to proofread a post several times before I'm ready to hit Publish. I like your idea of having some shorter posts ready while I'm working on a longer, more detailed one. I'm not always successful in that, though.

    I enjoy your blog and look forward to reading whatever you're able to post this coming year!

  5. Happy First Blogiversary. I hit Publish for my first official post with Geneabloggers just over three months ago. I decided to post the letters of my gg grandfather Stephen Sherwood. I can't believe where this project is leading me as I find more history behind those letters. Now I'm getting drafts ready for a second blog which will be more about the research I have done and continue to do, This year I received "An Early Christmas Gift." I appreciated being able to share it with this community of bloggers. Blogging is motivating me to write more about the research I love to do. Will look forward to following you this new year.

  6. Jan, Moro (Mary), and Jim: Thank you for all your kind thoughts!

    Susan: You're correct about retirement. I've actually been telling people that I'm not retiring, just moving on. After the first press of 'publish' it did definitely get much easier. I've been enjoying your blog-adventures.

    Elizabeth: Thank you, Elizabeth. I find your research on your husband's family quite interesting. At some point I may have to go the opposite way and do the German/Polish Lutherans of my husband's family.

    Grant: Thank you, Grant. Two blogs! That's awesome. Blogging definitely helps to keep us moving forward and sharing. I look forward to reading about your research.

  7. Congratulations on staying with it!!

    The New Yorker
    Diana Steinman

  8. Diana: Ah! I was wondering who the New Yorker was! I spent a great deal of time on the Garbers and Wilsons this year. I think 2013 will be the year of the Liebrosses and Wenkerts. So this should bode well for your continued interest in the blog. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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