15 February 2018

Second Jewish Genealogy Webinar with Dear Myrtle, 14 February 2018

Thanks to Dear Myrtle (Pat) and Cousin Russ for hosting the second week of the Jewish Genealogy Study Group webcast yesterday morning (14 Feb 2018). The hour went quickly for me (!). We packed a great deal into the hour - but, well, there's a great deal to know.

The second show featured information on how to access records on Jewish people in the Old Country. There was an emphasis on JewishGen and its function as a portal to its own projects and those of other Jewish genealogy organizations, such as Jewish Records Indexing-Poland, Litvak SIG and Gesher Galicia.

There is a Jewish Genealogy Google Sheet with links to websites mentions (as well as those that may not have been mentioned, but are useful).

To view the second webcast, click here.

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