01 August 2017

Tombstone Tuesday: Abe and Rose Schwartz Krakowsky, Beth Moses Cemetery, Pinelawn, NY

I love when things fall into place!

A few weeks ago I posted about Emil and Rozalia Berla who were related to Abe Krakowsky, a mover and shaker in the First Lubiner Progressive Benevolent Association (FLPBA). That explained the Berlas presence in this landsmanshaft plot, despite the fact that they were not from the community Lubin [I mentioned Abe previously in my series on the FLPBA anniversary publications.]

My problem was that it was not clear if Abe and his first wife Rose Krakowsky were from Lubin either. Well now I know and, in the process, I have determined a U.S.A surname change, matched some siblings, and, likely, figured out where and how Abe and Rose met (and it's sorta romantic).

Here lies
Chava Rachel daughter of Moshe
DIED AUG. 5, 1960 - AGE 72 YRS

 Here lies
Avraham Pinkhas son of Benyamin Khaim haLevi
DIED AUG. 16, 1985 - AGE 99 YEARS

On January 23, 1909, Rochel Schames, accompanying her uncle Feivish (later Philip Simon), left Bremen for New York City on the S.S. Grosser Kurfürst.[1] Both she and her uncle were born and resided in Lubin. They landed in New York Harbor on 3 February 1909. Rochel reported her mother as Sosie Schames and her brother at 365 Broome Street, NY as Ele Schames. Rochel later became Rose Schwartz.

Also on that ship: Pinkus Krakowsky, age 20, recently a resident of Pradnik. I have no clue where that town was located.[2] A gubernia seems to be indicated, but it is unclear - possible Chernigov. Pinkus became Abraham Krakowsky.

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Abe's manifest indicates he was a saddle-maker born in Krakau. Various records report his birth date as 10 July. Sometimes it was 1887 and other times 1888. His World War I draft registration card says he was born in Shurlof.[3] His naturalization petition shows Shelnoff.[4] Those two variations on a community name have not, thus far, helped me find the town.
I have some inconsistencies in evidence of their marriage and place of residence around 1910-11. I have acquired their marriage certificate and it seems that Abram Krakofsky and Rosie Schwartz married on 15 January 1911 in Manhattan.[5] Rosie reported that her father was Morris Simon and her mother Susie Borisnik. Abraham's parents were Benjamin Krakowsky and Sarah Nissenblatt. 

Abraham and Rose's indexed marriage license, however, indicates that they applied on 11 June 1910.[6] Usually, I see license applications a week or two before the marriage. So, this is a bit early. It is better to work from an original image rather than an index of a record, so I will ordering the license application from NYC.

In addition I have found the couple, living as husband and wife in the 1910 census taken in April 1910. Abe was a harness-maker - consistent with his occupation in his 1909 manifest. The couple had been married only two months before and were residing at 354 Madison Street, Manhattan.[7] Abe's brother-in-law (likely Rose's brother), Alexander Schwartz, a glazier, was living with the couple. 

Study of Alexander Schwartz, whose Hebrew name was Eliyahu (likely shortened to Ele in Rochel's manifest), indicates that this is the Alex Schwartz shown in one of the Montefiore Cemetery First Lubiner Progressive Benevolent Association plots. Alex's parents on his marriage record were shown, similar to Rosie's, as Morris (Schwartz) and Sophie Bresner.[8] 

Perhaps marriage license records will help sort out this chronology. It is possible that I have been thrown off the scent by making a mistake connecting a record to this couple. This will require further study and additional documents.

At the time of their marriage in 1911, Abe lived at 335 Stanton Street and Rose lived at 274 Henry Street - both in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Abe was a clothes presser and remained so for much of his life.

Abraham and Rose's only child, Murray (earlier called Morris), was born on 30 July 1912. He passed away on 15 December 2001 and is also buried in the Beth Moses Cemetery plot.

When Abe declared his intention to become a citizen on 15 May 1916, they lived 115 Cannon Street.

On 5 June 1917, when Abe registered for the World War I draft, the family lived at 125 E. 113th Street, New York, NY. He was a cloak presser.

By the time Abe filled in his petition for naturalization on 14 June 1920, they'd moved to 92 Union Avenue in Brooklyn.

In the 1930 census enumeration, the family lived in the Bronx at 1343Washington Avenue. Abe was pressing dresses.[9] 

By 1940, Abe had changed his career and 0wned a restaurant. He and Rose resided in Manhattan at 100 2nd Avenue.[10] They had also lived in that same apartment in 1935.

Rose died in 1960 and Abe married Sonia Bachman in 1961.[11] She is also interred in the Beth Moses plot.

Abe's and Rose's grave are located in the First Lubiner Progressive Benevolent Association plot in Beth Moses Cemetery, block 24, Maccabee Road.

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