25 August 2015

Tombstone Tuesday: Abraham and Chasi Charny, Montefiore Cemetery, Queens, NY


Here lies
Our beloved mother Mrs.
Chasya Feiga
daughter of Tzvi 
Died 9 Shevat 5704
May her soul be bound in everlasting life
Beloved mother
Died Feb 3, 1944
Age 76 Years 
Here lies
Our beloved father Mr.
Avraham Dov son of
Asher Yosef haCohen 
Died 9 Tammuz 5705
May his soul be bound in everlasting life 
Beloved father
Died June 20, 1944
Age 85 years
Abraham and Chasya Charny were born in Lubin (aka Labun, Russian Empire), married there and had their children: Nathan (Noach), Louis (Leib), Anna (Henia) Rubin (Ravrebe) and Duona (or Dvora) Goldfarb.

Abraham, a glazier, left for the United States in the summer of 1907. He landed in Quebec on 20 July 1907 destined for Chicago.[1] 

It wasn't until well after World War I that his family joined him in the Chicago. Chasya arrived in 1924 heading for Chicago. Chasya reported that her relative left in the old country was her daughter Duona (likely, Dvora) Goldfarb.[2]

By the 1930 U.S. census enumeration, Abraham, Chasya, their sons and daughter Anna and their families were all in Brooklyn. Abraham and Chasya lived at 910 Myrtle Avenue with Anna and her husband Harry Rubin and in 1940 at 930 Myrtle Avenue.[3]

The Hebrew year of death appears to be incorrect on Abraham's gravestone. The year translates as 5705, but clearly should be 5704 - the same year as Chasya. 

In addition, there is some question about Abraham and Chasya's parents' names. Chasya's death certificate indicates that her father was Abraham Gold and her mother Sarah Fried.[4] Her tombstone indicates her father's name was Tzvi. It should be noted that both Nathan and Louis had sons they named Harry. Tzvi Hirsch is a common name combination (since the names Tzvi and Hirsch have the same meaning in both Hebrew and Yiddish). So, perhaps, Tzvi was, indeed, her father's name. We do not have any current information to allow us to resolve this discrepancy, however.

Abraham's parents are listed on his death certificate as Joseph Charny and Dora Gold.[5] His father's name on this document would be consistent with his tombstone, but the surname of his mother, Gold, is the same as that offered for Chasya's father on her death certificate. 

It is certainly possible that the surnames for Chasya's father and Abraham's mother were the same and it is also possible that Abraham and Chasya were cousins (1st cousin marriage, for example, was not rare among Jewish populations). However, it is also possible that the common surname is a mistake by one of the informants. Harry Charny, Chasya's grandson (likely Nathan's son) was the informant on her death certificate. Nathan was the informant for his father's death certificate.

Abraham and Chasya are buried in adjoining graves in the First Lubiner Progressive Benevolent Association plot in Montefiore Cemetery, Queens, New York: block 89, gate 156N, line 5K, graves 6 and 5.

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  1. SO many of the Lubiners were glaziers. I'd be interested in finding out how many died early as did my gfa from liver cancer probably due to lead and mercury exposure. Now of course he did not just put in windows but manufactured glass items, acc/to his advertisements. He died at 54 and was not a drinker. When you get the chance, Emily, you might want to update that list of Lubiner glaziers , and I'll get the Yellow Pages from early years and calculate how much we cornered the market. I did it at one point and Myers, Waxenberg (the Myers inlaws not the distant cousins in the plot) and a few others were 1/4 of the Manhattan galziers, but you have posted a lot more names since then.

    1. Of course your grandfather probably started out like all the others - puttin gin window glass.

      I've been gradually building the glazier list as I find/document these people.

    2. "...putting in window glass..." [!]

  2. btw the new Captcha system is hilarious. This one had me identify waffle containing dishes, a lot more fun than deciphering twisted letters and numbers, and easier. Altho' I'm sure someone could design a waffle deciphering algorithm.

    1. I'll have to log out sometime to see it, I guess. Lord knows what Google is doing behind my back!

  3. These are my great grandparents, my bubby's parents and I visited them yesterday in Queens. My grandmother was Anna Rubin,(m. Harry Rubin) and yes, my Uncle Louie, her brother was a glasier. He always smelled of linseed oil. My son is named Avraham Dov and I am named after Chasi. The other daughter was indeed Devora, my sister is named for her.

    1. Fantastic that we've connected. As you can see from my blog, I have an abiding interest in reconstructing the Jewish community from Labun (Lubin in Yiddish). Would love to chat further. Please contact me at extrayad(at)gmail.com


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