23 September 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Sarah Malkah bat Yosef, Labun Cemetery

In June of 2013 I had the pleasure of visiting Ukraine and Labun (now Yurovshchina; once called Lubin in Yiddish), my paternal grandparents' community. We were able to visit the old Jewish cemetery, which I discussed in an earlier post. Over the next several Tuesdays I will post photos and translations (as I am able to decipher) of tombstones from that cemetery. Most do not feature surnames.

Here lies
An old and modest woman
Sarah Malkah daughter of
Yosef died 13
Iyar 5672
May her soul be bound in eternal life 

With the Jewish Calendar Conversion application from the Steve Morse One-Step website, the 13th day of the month Iyar in the year 5672 would correlate with 30 April 1912 in our (Gregorian calendar) and 17 April 1912 in the Julian calendar, which was in effect at the time of Sarah Malkah's death. 

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