03 December 2013

Tombstone Tuesday: Edwin Morris

Used by permission: DistantCousin.com. Edwin Morris gravestone, digital image, Distant Cousin.com (http://www.distantcousin.com : accessed 14 February 2008), Red Bank Hebrew Cemetery (Congregation Bnai Israel), Tinton Falls, Monmouth County, NJ.
Here lies
Eliyahu son of Baruch Mordechai
14 Tishri 5737
JULY 2, 1928 - SEPT. 27, 1996 

Dr. Edwin Morris, my father's first cousin, was born in New York City to Max and Irene RatnerMorris. He was their third child to live to adulthood.

Eddie attended Red Bank High School and then Penn State. He received his medical degree at Hahnemann Medical College in Philadelphia in 1952.[1] [2] 

In the U.S. Army, Eddie trained at the Medical Field Services school at Fort Sam Houston, San Antoni0, Texas. He then was stationed in New York City as the Chief Medical Officer of the Armed Forces Examination station - the main recruiting station in New York City.

Upon completion of his Army service in 1955, he moved back to Red Bank, New Jersey with his wife Elaine Meersand and opened his general medical practice office.

Eddie and Elaine had two children: Tina and Amy.  

1. In 2002, the school was merged into Drexel University and is now the Drexel University College of Medicine.
2. "Dr. Edwin Morris Receives Degree," Red Bank Register (New Jersey), Vol. LXXIV, no. 51, Thursday, 19 June 1952, page 1; digital image, Red Bank Register Newspaper Archives (http://rbr.mtpl.org/rbr/ : accessed 1 December 2013).
3. "Dr. Edwin Morris Resumes Practice," Red Bank Register (New Jersey), Vol. LXXVIII, no. 12, Thursday, 15 September 1955, page 1; digital image, Red Bank Register Newspaper Archives (http://rbr.mtpl.org/rbr/ : accessed 1 December 2013).

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