09 October 2012

My Genealogy Journey to Hudson, NY, Part 3

There is definitely something rewarding about visiting the home of ones ancestors. The first three Hudson addresses I'd visited in my search for the Wilsons were either parking lots or much more recently constructed buildings. But with 14 Union Street I struck it rich. 

14 Union Street - Home of the Wilsons in 1901 & 1902
I was on the phone with my husband, walking along South Front Street, when I realized that I was only steps away from visiting my first intact Wilson home. I gave him a play by play describing the rehabilitated brickwork, the building permit (issued 18 November 2011) on the green-painted door and the cat in the upper open window. It is a beautiful, sturdy place, only about 30 feet wide, and, it seemed, the renovations were nearly complete. Unfortunately no one was home except the cat who, while observing me with some interest, did not deign to invite me in (presumably busy hoarding cat toys).

Union Street heads slightly uphill from South Front Street which is only a couple of blocks from the Hudson River and a block from the railroad tracks that run parallel to the Hudson. 

I was pleased with the look of the street. There were quite a few buildings that must have been here when my relatives lived in the neighborhood. Most were occupied and well cared for. It was clear, based on my walks around town (especially along Warren Street), that there were buildings of a variety architectural styles and vintages on this street. While Warren Street is clearly the jewel of Hudson, this portion of Union Street could, with a little work, be just as impressive and pleasing.

In the 1900 U.S. Census two families rented space at 14 Union Street: Loren and Emma Edwards and Thomas and Cashanne Pendergast with their three children.[1] I assume the Wilsons had one floor of the house, but I have not been able to find if any other families were at that address in the Hudson city directories for 1901 and 1902. In the 1905 New York State Census, Isaac Winstian and his wife lived there with their seven children.[2]

14 Union Street, looking WNW toward So. Front Street

Across the street: view to the south from 14 Union Street

Across the street: view to the west from 14 Union Street
1. 1900 U.S. Census, Columbia County, New York, population schedule, Hudson, Enumeration District 18, sheet 4B, dwelling 59, Families 88 & 89, Loren & Emma Edwards and Thomas and Cashanne Pendergast; digital image, Ancestry.com (http://www.ancestry.com : accessed 9 October 2012).
2. 1905 New York State Census, Hudson City, Columbia County, NY, population schedule, Ward 1, Enumeration District 1, page 12, Isaac and Rachael Winstian; digital image, FamilySearch.com (https://www.familysearch.com: accessed 9 October 2012).


  1. The mansions around City Hall are gorgeous. Don't know if you got to see them. It's a very complex city. Big gay/antique community, lots of inter-racial poor couples with kids, Bangladeshi community, families going back many generations who are lower middle class, poor white obese ladies in Walmart.

  2. Didn't get to Walmart, 'though I did pass some chain stores on the way down from Albany. I had a great time walking in Hudson. I took Warren up to Seventh and walked back on Columbia. Walked on Union from South Front to about 5th. Waked quite a bit on Front Street and around the neighborhoods near the River and the Promenade. So, yes I did see many of the impressive buildings along Warren as well as some on the side streets. Very nice.

  3. Downtown Hudson has changed a lot since I was little. It used to be the shopping area on Saturdays.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Debra. Hudson seems to be an interesting amalgam of preservation initiatives and destruction and renewal. Definitely the result of political whim and winds. Luckily, one may still get a feel for the older town on several streets in town.


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