01 April 2012

1940 U.S. Census: Seeking the Morris Family

Isidore Morris had been a glazier in New York City and, like many glaziers of the time, suffered a variety of maladies that may have been associated with his profession. Sometime after the 1930 U.S. Census Isidore and Sarah Myers Morris (my great grandparents) moved to a small farm in Perrineville, Monmouth County, New Jersey.  

They'd followed their eldest son, Max Morris, who had married and become a glazier in Red Bank, Monmouth County, NJ. Perrineville had grown into a hotbed of Eastern European Farmers.[1] For Isidore and Sarah this was a respite from their adult lifetimes in the New York City tenements. They had a small farm and farm house.  My father used to talk about milking his grandparents' cow when he went to visit - something quite unusual for a boy from Brooklyn. I have not found any records yet for my great grandparents' farm, but I do know its address courtesy of my cousin Hal Blatt.

Sometime before 1947 when Isidore passed away, he and his wife moved back to the City and to the Bronx.

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The numbers in blue, below, are the 1940 U.S. Census Enumeration Districts for the addresses shown. When I am able to get online and check the 940 U.S. Census records (I hope it will be tomorrow), I will select these Enumeration Districts and page through 30-40 pages per ED until I find my relatives. If I cannot find them, I will have to wait for an every name index to be created (that's why I'm volunteering to help the effort).

Isidore and Sarah Myers Morris
1930   239 E. 105th Street, New York, NY [2] 31-1603 A or B
>1930  842 Sweetman's Lane, Perrineville, NJ 13-119 or 13-120
1947   627 Manida Street, Bronx, NY [3]      3-406
Jean Morris and Al Zimmerman
1940   2069 E. 12th Street, Brooklyn, NY [4] 24-383
1942   145 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, NY [5]    24-2487A

Max and Irene Morris 
1938   66 Pinckney, Red Bank, New Jersey [6] 13-155
1945   92 McLaren, Red Bank, NJ [7]          13-145 or 13-146

Murray and Pauline Morris
1937   2422 Benedict Avenue, Bronx, NY [8]   3-898

Esther Morris Blatt
1940   762 Brady Avenue, Bronx, NY [4]       3-840B

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