04 March 2012

31 Colin Place - Memories

In my last post, I related some memories of my visits to my grandparents' (Tillie Liebross and Joe Wilson) home at 31 Colin Place, Brooklyn, NY. I've received the following email reminiscence from Larry Liebross (their nephew). He has given me permission to post it.

"I don't blog so I'm just going to respond conventionally. 

"I used to spend some fun evenings at Colin Place. The men always played "gin" (Joe, Irving, sometimes your grandfather's brother Ben [Wilson], and a neighbor or two). Tillie and your mother [Norma Wilson Garber] always made a fuss over me. Tillie would take me into the dining room and give me the most delicious strudel I ever ate (even my mother, who was pretty demanding in a social setting, said that Tillie was a great hostess and her strudel was the best). Your dad [Bernard Garber] always went out of his way to "clown around" with me and your grandfather and my father [Irving] were always talking about the trotters at Yonkers and Roosevelt Raceway. 

Strudel: This blog has a great many pastry pictures - now I recall why
"From what I recall, one entered the house to the right and there was a parlor room where Joe was always found in this big stuffed chair. There was a sun room off to the left that faced Colin Place. If you walked straight head, you got to the kitchen, on the left, and there was a room to the right (opposite the kitchen) which was either the dining room or breakfast room. The bedrooms were in the back. I was a little kid so I can't be certain about the floor plan but, I can be certain about the love and the strudel. Keep those cards and letters coming. Stay well."
Well, Larry, now you've blogged. Allow me to repeat Larry's encouragement:  keep those cards and letters coming! It is this type of response that I was hoping for when I started this family history/genealogy blog. If this has jogged some family memories, send me a message either using the box below or via email. I'd love to hear from you. - - Emily

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