14 May 2015

Treasure Chest Thursday: FLPBA members, 25th anniversary publication (part 3)

There were 72 members of the First Lubiner Progressive Benevolent Association listed in the 25th anniversary (1936) publication celebrating the group's founding.  

Two weeks ago I posted the entire membership page, showing all three columns of members and identified the members in the first column. Last week I identified the members in the second (middle) column. 

This week we finish up with the third (right) column. I have identified those buried in one of the three FLPBA burial plots: Montefiore plots at gates 156N [M-156N] or 567W [M-567W] and Beth Moses [Beth].
  • J. Norflus - Joseph Norflus [M-156N]
  • D. Perleman - David Perlman [M-156N]
  • S. Rogol - Samuel Rogel [M-156N]
  • N. Rogol - Nathan Rogel
  • S. Rosenthal - Samuel Rosenthal [M-156N]
  • W. Rosenthal - William Rosenthal [M-156N]
  • J. Reitman - Julius Reitman
  • S. Reitman - Samuel Reitman
  • N. Reitman - 
  • J. Rothman - Joe Rothman [M-567W]
  • A. Schwartz - Alex Schwartz [Beth]
  • M. Schachter - Max Schechter [M156N]
  • M. Schultz - Meyer Schultz [M-156N]
  • A. Sotskess - Abraham Sotskess [M-397N; United Old Konstantin Benevolent Society*]
  • S. Stern - 
  • I. Simon - Israel Simon [M-156N]
  • A. Schechnowetzky - Aaron Sachnowetsky
  • M. Schuekerman - Max Shenkerman [M-156N]
  • Z. Stein - Samuel Stein [M-156N]
  • L. Waxenberg - Louis Waxenberg [M-156N]
  • M. Weiss - Michael Weiss [M-567W]
* Abraham Sotskess' wife (my great great aunt, Rebecca Myers Sotskess) is buried in an FLPBA plot but, for some reason, Abraham, who died a few years later, is in the plot for members of the Staro Konstyantiniv landsmanshaft at Montefiore Cemetery.

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